So this post is for all those people who have been facing the NVidia-Cuda-Cudnn pain in the.. basically facing this pain everywhere.
In this vicious cycle, (if I may quote so), if one is able to install NVidia successfully then gets stuck at Cuda, then goes backs to reinstalling NVidia and stuck there on uninstalling it and the worst (as in my case), if you happen to install everything correct and *latest*, you get to know while model training TensorFlow has been upgrading itself as fast as you’ve upgrading your system overnight.

So if you’re in the same boat, follow…

With the advent of PWA, our web apps have actually become progressive long ago. Using service workers, running applications in offline mode is almost like a cakewalk today. But this support for offline availability is actually more of an illusion or actually a pseudo offline application!
Yup, sorry for bursting the bubble for those who’ve just been introduced to the concept of service workers, “Progressing Web App”s are actually not that progressive yet!
But before we understand the reason why, let’s get through a super quick introduction of the service worker, our hero in PWAs.

Service Worker Workflow

Service worker is a…

Sakshi Sehgal

A software engineer pacing up the drift towards data science, AI, OCR and the much hyped things! Jack of All.. and in the process of mastering them too!

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